Behind the Mash

In the middle of nowhere, nestled on the Kentucky-Tennessee state line…

you will find a little piece of heaven known as Long Vue Farms. This sweet spot we call home once belonged to a lady born and raised here, named Maude Gill. While she may be long gone, she left behind a reputation for being a conservative yet wealthy businesswoman and hundreds of acres of the finest farmland in these parts.

Maude was known for her feisty spirit and for seeming bothered by having to make frequent trips to deposit her tobacco and dividend checks in town. Upon her death in 1974, Maude was known to have been the biggest stockholder in her bank, along with owning stocks in other corporations as well. Some even say she was so tight with her money that rather than leave it to anyone, she buried her “gold” around the old homestead.

We’ve been asked many times through the years if we’ve ever come across any of her hidden treasure.  We believe we’ve found the gold she was hiding in the fertile soil at Maude’s place. It makes itself known in the rows of corn stalks bursting full of golden-yellow kernels in the fall and in the amber waves of wheat ready for harvest on a hot June day.

We believe this treasure is much too good to keep to ourselves.  That is why Maude’s Mash is excited to offer craft distillers our high-quality, non-GMO grain.  We hope our treasure finds its way from our soil to your still.